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Workshop results for Jan. 26, 2014

A good day for everyone who attended the Eugenia myrtifolia (Brush Cherry) Workshop. In spite of bad overnight weather the class went on. A good thing at that for the sun came out eventually and you would never knew we were still in the middle of winter.


Everyone got their own tree. To make things easier, they all drew numbers from a bag helping out which tree they would end up with. I was quite surprised no “horse trading” took place, I guess everyone was happy!


After some snipping and chopping, than adding a number of laps of wire; my tree was near complete. Pieces I had cut from the tree now laid behind in a big pile on my bench. “Cuttings anyone?”

Well I discarded those cuttings, and got my tree over to the soil bin. Getting bonsai soil back around the root system was a priority. After the soil was added, I firmed-up the wire holding the tree. Next I made a dash to the watering station.


Now it was their turn. Don’t let this young guy fool anybody, he caught on quick.


A lot of questions, but help is near by. Once everyone got the plan down, progress came quick.


All the trees needed wire. Applying heavy wire can be a “bear” for a beginner.


It was a great day in bonsai! Nice job by everyone!