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Transforming a juniper

I had a juniper among a  collection of trees that for what ever the reason really didn’t do anything for me. It had been growing inside a bonsai pot till one winter day it broke and ever since I never bothered to repot it. Some of you may be able to figure out that it was root bound and that’s what kept the root ball from falling apart in the mean time. Styled as a cascade originally I think at best I would rate the tree as “poor”. I needed to get the tree into a container of a sort before I lost it over the winter and it was this action which prompted me to take a second look. After grabbing the plant I set it on the table and took another look to see if there was another way to restyle it.  The trunk had grown to the size of a quarter over the years making me believe the tree was at least ten years of age and I felt then it was worth spending time on.


Before taking the picture I wired up a back branch with 3.5 mm aluminum wire so I’d be able to use it potentially as a new top for the future. Looked like to would work so I cut-off the cascade tail and the branch I’m holding on the left.


Here’s an attempt to show you what remains after cutting the tree back and dressing up the wound sites. In the third and last photo you can see the final results of the pruning and potting.  I like the tree much more now and hope you enjoyed my story .