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Oct. 24, 2009 - Making a Boxwood Bonsai

Time: 9:30am – 1:00pm

Our last workshop of the season although, is also in perfect time for the gift giving holidays. The class is designed for the beginner or amateur wishing to get involved, or stay involved in bonsai, and a perfect opportunity for creating a bonsai for a special individual interested in having a tree. Get hands on experience in making your own bonsai from start to finish that when complete you can take home (or store at the nursery till December).

The plant material we have chosen to use is called “Buxus midget” Boxwood Ver. Boxwood’s are slow growing plants with white grainy trunk and branches supporting dark green miniature leaves lending themselves as a good bonsai subject. Receive expert advice and guidance within a group setting as you learn what’s involved in making bonsai while perhaps gifting it to a friend interested in bonsai.

Whether you are new to bonsai or simply looking for reinforcement of your
current skills, this is a chance to help build your confidence.

Here is what you can expect.

  • Help in choosing your subject plant
  • Balance and Form
  • Pruning or Styling Techniques
  • Wiring
  • Root Pruning
  • Pottery Selecting
  • Care and maintenance

Cost $ 90.00 (plus tax) includes all materials and use of tools

You must register before attending classes and all classes are limited due to seating, space and plant material on hand.