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New Site, New Features

We are proud to announce the launch of another version of our website.  On the surface it’s similar to the previous version.  We added more images and a gallery to give more of a feel for what the nursery is like and the types of things we carry; this will be updated over time to add more pictures as we take them.  A customer service page, where we will be posting answers to frequently asked questions, was added along with a General Bonsai Care sheet, and sitemap.  For those who haven’t seen yet, we have created a Facebook page and we will be starting to use Twitter as well to broadcast updates about the nursery and our site.  The logo has been changed to make things uniform between print/web.  The tree in the logo is one of ours and was traced out from a photograph.  We also made minor changes to the look/feel of the site.

The real changes occurred on the back-end.  We have a new, faster host.  The entire back-end code for the site has been re-written, and everything has been overhauled from the ground-up.  While the blog was previously a separate part of the site, with its own template, it has been pulled together with the main site so that things flow smoothly between the different parts.  There is an RSS feed that you can subscribe to as well.  An ecommerce section is also under development and will be available soon.

As excited as we are about these changes we are still looking for ways to improve.  Many of the improvements in this current version are the result of suggestions from customers and we are grateful for them.  If there is something you would like to see on the website, or if there is a way we can better serve you, please let us know, and thank you once again!