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Junipers Always Work Out!

Juniper Before

Take a look at this juniper! Sort of a monster with a lot of branches or arms going everywhere. The tree came to me with hope that something good might come out of it. The tree has nice trunk movement but the branches are leggy and sparse. Well we could grow it on in hope something better will come out of it or style it now. Carlos, chose to style it now. Here’s how it went.

Juniper Before

My first thoughts were to expose a trunk line but cutting off the 2 lower branches.

Juniper Before

After the trunk is exposed I can see the branch in back is too long and out of place, so I cut it off.

Juniper With Its Owner

Juniper Without The Lower Branches

After adding some wire the tree’s shape came out. I’m not certain what side is going to be Carlos’ front yet but it looks good from both angles.

Juniper After

Here’s the tree with some cut-paste on the wound sites to help with the appearance. Nice Tree now! It’s a good start to see the direction (or plan) the tree will have as time goes by.