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First snow of 2011 drops between 6-8 inches

The nursery is open year round and I thought it was a chance for everyone to see the change the winter weather makes. Overnight snow on Jan 11th gave us fresh power snow total between 6-8 inches.

Overnight temperatures ranged between 10-22°F. As you can see by the ice sickle forming, day time temps were only in the low 30’s at best.

Benches where bonsai were once sunning during the summer are now covered with snow.  The bonsai are now either inside the green house or cold frames.

The growing field planted in the fall is blanketed with white power. Cold weather won’t bother the newly planted trees much, I have 3 inches of mulch covering the soil around them.  This will help protect young plants from brutal cold weather.

Very gusty overnight winds closed up the  once clean pathway to the cold-frames in the back.  I checked the temperature inside the structure and the sunny daytime temperature was 40°F; I consider that just right for mid-winter.