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After The Hurricane & Preparing For Winter

Now that Hurricane Sandy has passed I wanted to let everyone know that Allshapes Bonsai is back open. Although we did lose one greenhouse in the back of the property, it could have been much worse, and the trees have been moved into the remaining greenhouses, so you may see some old juniper pre-bonsai that you haven’t before! The wood slats that pin the plastic to the greenhouses had been popped off by the force of the winds and has since been replaced. We also lost power for almost two weeks. That isn’t such a big deal for the hardy trees, which are all put away for the winter. However it did give some close calls for the tropicals. Luckily we were able to use a generator, and used it for the tropical bonsai each night. Major damage, despite temperatures down below 40 at one point, was prevented. One Brazilian Rain Tree and some of the Schefellera did sustain a bit of cold damage to the leaves but they will recover just fine.

Now that Thanksgiving has passed it’s time to get all of your bonsai into their winter storage locations if you haven’t done so already! And if you have any questions about how to overwinter your trees, stop on in, we’ll be here!